Are Unwanted Critters Keeping You Awake?

Are Unwanted Critters Keeping You Awake?

Arrange for wildlife removal services in Harrison, Bridgton & Scarborough, ME

If the pitter-patter of little paws keeps you up at night, and you know it's not your dog, you're probably dealing with a pest problem. Rodents, bats, chipmunks and skunks are notorious for sneaking into walls, attics and chimneys. If you're dealing with one of these critters, schedule wildlife removal services with North East Pest Solutions.

Get peace of mind and sleep soundly. Contact us now to arrange for wildlife control services in the Harrison, Bridgton & Scarborough, ME area.

Once we get pests out, we won't let them back in

Even if you chase a rodent out of your home, there's a chance that pesky little guy will come back. But our wildlife control process will make sure that animal invaders stay out of your home for good. We will:

  • Determine what kind of critter you're dealing with
  • Identify the animal's point of entry
  • Use a one-way door and seal the entry point

Look to us for permanent wildlife removal solutions. If you think there's a critter lurking around in your walls, call today to schedule an inspection.